Tinc y Tannau Residency at Lle Celf Capel y Graig Artspace

Tinc y Tannau had a fulfilling and intense residency at Lle Celf Capel y Graig Artspace this autumn.  Inspired by the extraordinary acoustics of y capel and imagining the many voices that must have sung here over the years they sang and played and recorded and then sang and played some more. 

They went out along the river Einion, played the reflections on water, the dappled sunlight, a glowing wooded glade, sang in an oak tree, sang a leafy canopy, climbed a rocky crag,  sang in the dusk looking out over the estuary and were energised by the Einion Waterfall. It was a very special time for Tinc y Tannau to delve deeper into their improvisational practise in stunning surroundings and acoustics. Tinc y Tannau will return in the Spring of 2018 to Capel y Graig and will present a concert of works born out of this time.

To see some photos of our time go here……