All Performances cancelled for the time being

Tinc y Tannau have gone into hibernation until such time as it is possible for us all to gather together again. We are hoping that the new collaborations we had planned will happen sometime in the future and it will be a celebration of a new way of living that is kinder to ourselves and to the planet.

So just in case you feel need for a little mischief and serenity here are some links to our live performance that took place at a  NAWR concert in Swansea a while back. A big thank you to NAWR and to Daryl Freehely for making the video and taking photographs.


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Sianed and Ailsa

Tinc y Tannau with Deb Winter in The Firemaker

This Saturday August 10th and evening of stories of Fire and Light 8 pm Show Theatre Gwaun    

West St SA65 9AD FISHGUARD  Tickets £10.00

Come with us into the woods….onto the water….to the world beyond. Ancient & beautifully crafted stories from Deb Winter, Incredibly inventive music by  Tinc y Tannau and an electric energy between the three women.

Ancient stories that leap into life in this lyrical telling: beautiful & surprising stories of fires inside the human heart – and outside. Stories of hot pursuit & endless patience.

Tinc y Tannau (Sianed Jones & Ailsa Mair Hughes, bass viols/voices): extraordinary, bold & unusual improvisers & song-writers, with the gift of conjuring the imagery and emotions of the stories into music.

“Wonderful evening”…. “Deb Winter is mesmerising”….  

“the music evocative and captivating”

Here’s a link to what Tinc y Tannau have been up to in France this summer

Tinc y Tannau off to France !


Tinc y Tannau have been invited to a Festival ‘Origines’ édition 2019: Pays de Galles celebrating Welsh culture. We will set off by train with Story teller Christine Watkins and Cathy Piquemal whilst our CD’s will be safely stowed away in visual artist Maria Hayes’s car along with the cloth hanging of visual artist Mary Lloyd Jones. Ten days of culture in fabulous surroundings  in the south of France with fellow artists, can’t wait!

Here’s the programme

Songlines Review May 2019

Very happy to see a review of GALW our first album in print.  A big thank you to Nathaniel Hardy !

Tinc y Tannau GALW (57 mins)

The Welsh duo conjure up otherwordly sounds

You’ve heard of freeform jazz. What about freeform avant-garde, New Age,

Welsh folk Music ?

This debut from the duo Sianed Jones and Ailsa Mair Hughes is an elemental, esoteric ride through ancient Welsh tradition and the rich, water-filled landscape of Wales itself. Armed simply with a bass viola da gambaeach and their voices, the pair spirit up otherwordly sounds, with eight of the tracks being improvisations, many of them actively imitating natural sounds such as waterfalls and mountain streams. Jones specialises in vocal techniques having worked with musicians in remote communities around the globe, and many of the lyrics and vocal sounds are as much about rhythm as meaning.

Still there is an element of narrative. Two tracks use bardic poetry from the Book of Taliesin, a 14th–century Welsh manuscript. There is also a poem by Federico Garcia Lorca and two songs written by Christine Watkins. Yet the most primeval air of Tinc y Tannau is probably at its most visceral when the voice becomes simply another instrument – wailing, ululating and rhymically rapping like a bird upon a tree. It can feel a little too unmoored at times and won’t be to many tastes, but if you want something weird…


TRACK TO TRY Bwmba Bwmba

Digital downloads of the album are available on our bandcamp page