Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

Here are a few memories from our first few months of existence

Our first singing was inspired by the imagined fifth branch of The Mabinogi (a visual art exhibition inspired by Welsh mythology and re-interpreted into song). We drew out songs from radical craft work from all over the world. We had a photoshoot with the wonderful Michal Iwanowski in Castell Coch woodlands. We have been drawn live by the magnificent artist Maria Hayes. We sang our hearts out in an ancient gothic building. We sang a kitchen (with utensils)! We sang with waterfalls and bubbling brooks and in a Capel with a beautiful acoustic. We cut up two Carthen Welsh blankets and made them into long Betgwn style waist coats for our costumes (Headdresses to be fashioned in 2018). We serenaded beautiful artists books in the smallest space imaginable spilling out onto the street to bemused passers by. We dragged the bass viols half way up a mountain on the longest day at summer solstice, and welcomed the sun back at winter solstice, close to a roaring fire.

We are working on developing our improvisation practise, our listening skills. We are enjoying the composing and arranging possibilities of two gambas, two voices, and two languages and hope that our performances will become more and more fluid and surprising.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has made our first outings possible and especially to you our appreciative audiences, friends and family.

Beauty and Mischief are at the very heart of  Tinc y Tannau.

We have wonderful plans for this year and can’t wait to tell you all about them !

Wishing you love and joy and all you could hope for in 2018